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stussy j. dilla documentary pt. 1

stussy and dilla are fam. rip jaydee. this is a sick documentary about dilla’s time in LA


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Never Be Your Woman Official Video

Wiley Ft. Emeli Sande

get up. if you live in a college town it’s already the second day of the weekend

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posner dope couture video

relevant because it’s from his IU concert that i covered. stu was at this store signing. he maybe has some additional insight he can share.

just watch the video

earlier on mostly junkfood in posner land

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jamiroquai – virtual insanity

you should probably remember this awesome 90’s music video. from approximately 2 coons ages ago (a coon’s age is a unit of time referring to 4 years). i think it’s worth posting. one particular acid flash back i enjoyed pretending to be Jay Kay, with my goofy fluffy hat violating all universal gravity laws and sliding across the floor while pose dancing.

you might be asking yourself, ‘have they done anything lately?’ they haven’t released a record since we graduated high school (2006) and that was their singles collection. but apparently something is in the works for next year.

regardless, this video is immortal.

*sings song while sliding across the floor opposite the sliding couch*

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the amazing spiderman.

So it’s been on Reddit for a few days.  But I had to bring it here.  Because everything you ever needed to know about a Wes Anderson film was contained in that trailer (though it’s still not as good as Lego Twin Peaks, and if you ever want to make it in Hollywood, you unfortunately have to say that you know who David Lynch is.)

Wes Anderson has actually fallen out of favor with me recently.  ‘Rushmore’ was my favorite film in high school.  I introduced quite a few people to Anderson.  And I actually liked ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’ a lot, but ‘The Darjeeling Limited’ was unforgivably bad and he needs to make a good live-action movie to make up for it.  Right now.  Preferably without re-hashing the quirky, divided family that comes together in the end storyline…again.

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exploits and glitches

you might recall when i gave you the inside scoop on LA mc NoCanDo

here’s his first video from Jimmy the Lock, “exploits and glitches”

jimmy the lock in stores now wherever good music can be purchased or downloaded illegally

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the RAD anthem

As a tribute to my beginning here at mostlyjunkfood i bring you Rad Omen‘s rad new music video, Rad Anthem.

The video features fast food junkfoods finest smoking j’s, takin shots, and blowing lines as they rage hard on a night out. Wendy, Colonel S, Ron McD- these fools really know how to partyyyyy. Recognize anyone who’s dressed up in costume….?

pick up the song here

Wendy is played by d-list comedian Nick Swardson, the BKing is Beardo, but my favorite is Colonel Sanders, who appears to be none other than Dirt Nasty. Here’s a little taste of the Dirt and Beardo incase you don’t already know (you should)….

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