^ NOM NOM NOM click for all posts by the Editor-in-CHIEF, marC

Owner of 160 gb ipod filled with jam band music, guilty pleasure tunes, yacht rock, coke rap, conscious rap, the endangered species of “hip hop” and some straight up dad music. And Aldous Huxley audiobooks! Music all day. He falls asleep to music and wakes up to music and there’s always a song in his head – this being the explanation for his frequent blank stares in class or daily conversations. The curator and author of the early and awkward beginning posts of Junkfood, Marc appreciates the beautiful things in life and the hilariously awful as well – thus his fascination with reality tv and the Final Destination Trilogy. Thus far, his greatest life achievements can be summed up by the 400 member strong Facebook group he started to “Bring Back Dorito 3D’s” and he was once at the helm of a struggling High School newspaper in an inner-city community melding dangerous minds and copyediting misguided political diatribe

here’s what jamarcus is listening to right about now (funk so rubber):


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