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deadmau5/drake/lykke li

banger. you heard that new


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FOREVER grammy performance +

drake, lil wayne, eminem & travis barker perform at 010 grammys – special creepy Tarantino introduction

i thought the 60% of this that they aired was last night’s watershed performance. arguably one of the songs/collaborations of the year. damn shame Yeezy wasn’t there (his verse is my favorite of all of them). The Travis Barker refix of the song was one of the better ones, but i’ve got my favorite after the LEAP Continue reading

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take off the cuffs, unlock the gate

whips and chains HANDCUFFS.  luda

Jay-z’s “Ignorant Shit” off American Gangster is a standout track in my mind. Out of the thousands of songs in my iTunes library, whenever I hear this track come on I get hype as fuck. Jigga comes hard on the track, but Beanie Sigel’s first few bars are hard like protein bars from Sam’s Club:

Take off the cuffs, unlock the gate
It’s that ignorant nigga that you love to hate
The ’07 Ice Cube, B. Sig so rude
Tell a trick get these nuts, eat dick like food

as with everything, you can’t appreciate those bars by reading them so download the mp3’s BELIEVE ME

imitation is the most sincere form of flattery blah blah blah. everyone and their mom remakes Jay tracks. and i got remixes for days peep game:

rob viktum (This is my favorite. Viktum makes a song that makes the original obsolete by chopping Dilla loops – off the remix project AmericanDONUTshop)

drake/lil wayne give it a go and it’s alright. there’s a few hard punches and the usual from Drizzy and Weezy, but nothing that touches the OG in my opinion. this isn’t even one of best songs off the standout So Far Gone, but worth the gigabytes and listen. if you don’t have So Far Gone then god help you – you ought to download it. Arguably mix tape of the year, some people like Skillz have said it’s the hip hop RECORD of the year . I never said that

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