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let 18 bomb ’em.

As readers may know, the Indianapolis Colts are the best football team in the National Football League.

They also probably know that, one week from today, the Colts will play for their second Super Bowl championship in four years.  I guess there’s a Pro Bowl today too, but I’ll be on the road.  And even if I wasn’t, I’d be doing something more interesting.  Like sleeping.

But how does this tie in to MJF?  Well, because the Colts kick ass, so if I want to write about them, dammit, I will.  Beyond that, though, this second trip to a Miami Super Bowl has revealed an incredible phenomenon.  You see, every time the Colts go to the Super Bowl, a number of Indianapolis artists/bands come out with a litany of Colts anthems.  I’ve already mentioned one of them, and now that a few more have leaked, I feel obliged to comment.  Probably not with the same delicacy Marc did when professing his love for Addison Park, though.

God bless Indianapolis.  Jump it.

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nap on the map.

Back on the scene.  Gave up trying to sleep.  Colts in AFC Championship game tomorrow, get hyped!

Speaking of the Colts, Indy-area alternative rap group the Mudkids put out some sort of Colts anthem today.  I’d link it, but it’s pretty lame.  Not nearly as lame as the abortion of an anthem Prince put out for the Vikings, which plays like the Lollipop Guild church choir, but it was still pretty bad.

(EDIT: Mudkids replied with the link to the track and encourage you to listen and give your opinion.  I’m not about expecting you to blindly agree with my taste in music, so queue it up and leave a comment telling us/them what you think.)

After a bit of discussion with some folks, it occurred to me that Indianapolis isn’t really a viable music scene.  At least not yet.  You have your few exceptions, Margot & The Nuclear So-Sos being the most obvious example, but for the most part nobody really sticks out.  And when somebody tries to stick out, it’s usually pretty bad.

So I found it interesting that, in Metromix’s 2009 close-out, they named Indy-area rapper/producer/entrepreneur G-Fresh (AKA Getta Fresh) as one of the 50 most (culturally) influential Indianapolis citizens in ’09.  This happened to coincide with HOT 96.3 playing G-Fresh’s hit single “On My Momma” approximately every 15 minutes, declaring it the track that could potentially put Indy on the map.  I know this started in November and has been going strong ever since.

(If you have no clue what this track is or don’t live in the Indy area, here’s the music video off YT, or the MTV cut of the same thing.)

I’ll say this: it’s at least palatable.  That’s a first for the Indy rap scene.  Overwrought with stereotypical hood overtures – crackhouse, smashhouse, blah – but you hear it so many times and your brain just kinda goes numb to those things.  In other words, every fiber of my image-conscious being tells me that I should walk away.  But…I kinda like it?  I’m sorry.

That’s not the point though.  The point is that I’m glad that at least someone is trying.  Check my tracking of the (recent) Indy rap scene after the jump and see why we should all feel better about G-Fresh’s contributions.

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