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There will be Horns!

I think Diplo has remixed his song “Way More” on almost every CD he has released. Its a skeet! (frisky dingo reference) This is the original from his 2004 release Florida (must have album). The horns on this track create an epic build up to a beautifully layered, heavy hitting beat. Check it out.

Way More- Diplo



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indie yacht party


brendan – indie yacht party (cod kwassa)

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suburban kids with biblical names.

So the deal is – I’m pretty much not gonna touch hip-hop.  Marc’s got that on lock.  I’m still listening to Slaughterhouse and thinking that’s ahead of the curve.

But Swedish indie pop groups?  Totally fair game.

Suburban Kids With Biblical Names is Johan Hedberg and Peter Gunnarson, who recently released their third EP and have a second album upcoming.  With album/EP names such as #1, #2, #3, #4 and the pending #5, it’s not hard to see why people flock to them.

What you need to know, though, is that their debut album, #3, (#1-2 were EPs as was #4), is probably one of my favorite albums to come out in the last five years.  And the funny thing is, I really didn’t like it the first time I heard it.  There is no knocking the production values whatsoever, their beats are equally cute and awesome.  But being Swedes-singing-English, I found their voices to be a bit grating at first.  Or maybe not “grating’…’slightly off’ is the far better term.  After a handful of listens, though, I really started enjoying the album, and now I think at least eight of the album’s 14 tracks have a permanent home on my walking-around-campus playlist.

Probably everyone’s favorite track is the following:

Suburban Kids with Biblical Names – Little Boys in the Ghetto

And probably for good reason.  The acoustic beatboxing just works, you don’t even have to bother asking why.  The vocals are sloppy and fun, warbling at points and saying a whole lot of awesome nothing.  I guess I just like the way words like “pizzeria” and “on-ee-on” sound on this track.

My personal favorite, however, is this…

Suburban Kids with Biblical Names – Peter’s Dream

The beat is more hypnotic and the guitars are incredibly dynamic for as basic as they are.  Then the chorus comes out of nowhere and rocks your shit.  This one tends to get repeat listenings when it works its way to ‘now playing.’

So SKWBN is a little something different, which is what I strive to spread around here.  I mean, if I just wanted to place the coolest indie rock songs of the moment…well, it’s be easier just to refer you to Pitchfork or Sixeyes or something, wouldn’t it?  My goal is not to overlap the obvious ones, because I’m guessing if you’re savvy enough to have stumbled upon our little project here, you’re probably savvy enough to have stumbled across the rest of the cooler-than-you interwebs.

Probably send a movie update your way later this evening.  Stay tuned.

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