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the results are in! 2009 junkies.

You’ve been waiting a week.  You haven’t slept.  You’ve constantly refreshed this blog, refusing to so much as vacate your bowels.  And now the moment is here.

But I’d suggest you finish reading the post before you poop.  2009 Junkies after the jumpie.  Haha.  So clever.

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nominees for the junkies.

(This is still one of my favorite pictures on the internet.)

Well, people, I’m stuck in a hotel room.  And were it not for wireless internet, I would be quite bored.  But thanks to technology, even hourly-rate motels that reek of amphetamines now boast wireless internet.

So in the spirit of Oscar season, I’m starting Junkfood’s own damn award ceremony.  What’s it called?  What else would it be called?  The Junkies.

(See what I did there?  Yeah?  Great.  We can move on now.)

Kinda missed the year-end cap, so I won’t speak to music or books or whatever.  But the movie season doesn’t really end until the Academy Awards roll around, so I can still submit my nominations for all things film-related.  Wanna see what they are?  Future tense the damn jump, sucka!

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