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dan black ft. kid cudi symphonies remix

dan black

in case the last video left a bad taste in your mouth, here’s something a little more in a different direction

symphonies remix official video

dig the song. we’re on the mescudder’s d extra hard lately. eat some breakfast first


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david guetta/kid cudi – memories official video

this is worth posting/watching i suppose. never really felt this song like others do. Guetta is a straight goon. he’s just painfully european in this clip, with the awkward clothing decisions and off-putting hand movements/dance steps. looks like he’s DJ’ing at a used car lot. apparently shot in the 305

video reminds me a lot of the one for “when love takes over.” more guetta bafoonery ensues. french people

can’t hate on the G-man for making music that makes people want to shop at Forever 21/Abercrombie or for looking funny and moving awkwardly. all my favorite dj’s are a little weird. you probably wouldn’t recognize any of them on CHAT ROULETTE. deadmau5 looks like this under the mouse head, there is hardly a discernable difference between Diplo and Dax Shepard. in fact they could very well be the same person. dj benzi resembles a Chernobyl victim who plays Sega Genesis indoors all day long and Daft Punk look very much like you might expect them to underneath their robo helmets


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how to make it in america pilot episode link

you downloaded the mixtape, now watch How to Make it In America, the latest offering from HBO, before it’s debut on Sunday

good to see former “The OC” hottie Samaire Armstrong get work.  you also got Finch from American Pie getting some nice screen time and i recognize the main character from Bride Wars….Pause….Scott “Kid” Mescuddi is about as good an actor as Saigon.  that being said, my expectations of the show were sort of that it would be an Entourage, before it ran out of ideas and set in NYC.  time will tell.  they’ve got good music on the show so far – I’ll keep watching with an open mind.

I could see how it going either way at this point, judging strictly from the pilot episode.

what do you think, anonymous chat roulette user?

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how to make it in america


Kid Mescudder dropped a mixtape to promote his new HBO comedy “How to Make it in America,” premiering this Sunday (which is Valentines Day or VD as they say in the industry). I know everyone’s been dying to fill their Sunday Night TV (SNTV) void and now there’s not even football. So I’m giving it a a shot

tracklist and link after the MORE Continue reading

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Kid Cudi/Bob Dylan


Kid Cudi – Highs N Lows (Produced by Dot Da Genius)

this one from the Mescudder is definitely worth sharing

Dot produced the smash hit Day’N’Nite.  this track is a couple years old but still heatrocks

samples Bob Dylan’s Lay Lady Lay.  that’s what’s up!

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when someone great is gone


original video
amazing cello/loopbox cover
kid cudder freestyle “can i be”

salty they credited the cudi freestyle production to ryan leslie. but he knows how to pick songs to rap over. and in the official music video they increased the tempo a little bit, leading me to love it less, but all in all what an awesome song.

i could listen to this every morning. +1 for poignant lyrics

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romancing Amanda Bynes

amanda bynes

i decided after re-listening to Kid Cudi’s “cudderisback freestyle” that i would further investigate this rumor that he was helping further along that he was dating Amanda Bynes. i found out that it all started when she TWEETED “with kid cudi :).” you all remember amanda bynes best as being the super annoying host of the Amanda Show on Nickelodeon and the gender-bending star of She’s the Man and maybe more recently Hairspray if you’re into self-punishing (in that case you probably saw Passion of the Christ too).

my guess is they got drunk and he smashed but they’re not dating. cudder!

Kamaal the Abstract (aka Q-Tip from ATCQ) – “Blue Girl”

this experimental record Q-Tip recorded almost 10 years ago was just finally released. it’s one of my favorite cd’s ever. i actually bought the demo on eBay when I first got into my Native Tongues phase

nosaj thing – “aquarium”

i myself have had a romantic encounter with this one as the soundtrack. probably best known as Scott Mescudi’s “Man on the Moon.” this started a little e-Beef between Mescudder and up-and-coming LA producer Nosaj (Jason backwards) but now it appears they’ll be working together in the future. exciting news since I think this kid has the gift on the board. he wrecks remixes and his instrumental debut Drift was one of the finest releases of last year

Scott Mescudi btw is KID CUDI’s legal name. Rappers’ real names are always humerous. Imagine how easily he could have been Kid Scudi.

ayomari – “body language”

this one is off ayomari’s upcoming project “The PB&J Solution” and i bet it combined with some cool water cologne and a swisher sweet would be all i would require to get to third base with amanda bynes

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