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chat roulette is a seemingly recent addition to internet boredom traps like FML or MLIA. it’s a lot like NEXT on MTV, a junkfood favorite. you can instantly “Next” someone you don’t want to see/communicate with longer and you’re given a brand new face/phallus. i don’t know why but one out of ten people is a guy stroking his meat. i’m pretty sure saw the JB’s and I don’t mean the Jungle Brothers..

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the formula.

So, so true…and this was freshman year before the time-travel kicked in.

I made a better one for ‘House, M.D.’ honestly.  Thoughts on Oscar noms in a few..

i like cats. laser cats.

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the 2010 tv hype guide.

There really is no excuse to be missing out on good television this year.

Before I even get into the plethora of incredible programs that will be airing in 2010, I should point out that HDTVs are selling for ridiculously low prices right now.  I bought this baby on sale last November for $700 (post-tax), and I ain’t exactly rich.  You can easily find good HDTVs for $400-500 right now, you practically trip over one deal on your way to the next.  And if you don’t need 120+Hz (if you don’t watch a lot of sports, you really don’t need 120+Hz) TVs, you might even find a good one at $300-350.  Point is, if you don’t have an HDTV, you really just don’t care about TV.  Which is perfectly fine.  Prioritize, you know.  But I’m saying, if you really are attached to your TV, there’s really no excuse to not have gone HD by now.

That rant considered, it’s also a great time for TV because there has been a considerable boom of great programming lately, often from places we least expect.  Hell, even DirecTV’s 101 Channel – accessible to all of six Americans – has dibs on ‘Friday Night Lights’.  There are a lot of great shows on, and there’s a great show for everyone out there.

Hit the jump to see what I’ve got my eye on for 2010.

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