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exploits and glitches

you might recall when i gave you the inside scoop on LA mc NoCanDo

here’s his first video from Jimmy the Lock, “exploits and glitches”

jimmy the lock in stores now wherever good music can be purchased or downloaded illegally


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LA hip hop is Back

california looooooove

dom kennedy future street drug sounds
dom is that dude. get familiar

blu is the next avant garde up-and-comer from the best coast. his “below the heavens” with exile on the boards is a modern-day underground classic. he frequently puts out instrumental/artsy projects with song titles that have the space bar broken. LA’s answer to Jay Electronica. smarten up

nosaj thing

nosaj thing is the next big producer, who i’ve already touted on here before. his beats are SICK. he came out of nowhere and is wrecking the remix scene, making your favorite song better. his debut DRIFT is a must hear instrumental LP. his solo production speaks for itself and has already been used on CSI and in nissan commercials. he’s about to blow up in the 010


nocando, whose debut album Jimmy the Lock just dropped this week, is a resident at LA’s Low End Theory. a renowned battle rapper, with his debut he’s proved he can make songs too. boasting Nosaj Thing, Nobody and Daedelus on the switches and with scratches by Gaslamp Killer, Jimmy the Lock knocks in the trunk and the lyrics are hard like 2 day old shit. look out for Nocando – he’s a beast he’s a dog he’s a motherfucking Problem


LA collective released mix tape Cury Tops and Nautica Jackets, featuring many people mentioned above and other big LA acts like Pac Div, J. Davey and U-N-I. the mixtape is a nostalgic look into the last time LA was on top and a hopeful look forward to all the talent that’s gonna be running it in the future

diz gibran

i bumped Diz’s “Soon You’ll Understand” last year so hard. dude really knows how to put together a record. his ear for beats is unparalleled and his flow will have you thinking a kid from New York hitch hiked to Watts freestyling on everyone’s beats the whole trip. look out for him

the future of hip hop is bright, especially on the West West

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