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The Snowtorious B.I.G. is Born Again!

Hilarious music with crazy snowstorm time lapse video!

Let me begin by saying that I am a proud resident of Bethesda, Maryland just minutes outside of our glorious nations capital and only one time in my life have I seen a snow storm surpass 12 inches. Now I am reading local news reports that just two days after the record breaking 30+ inches blanketed DC, another huge storm is rolling through that could produce 10 to 20 inches! This isn’t Buffalo or Alaska. We’re not used to snow like this and it’s not welcome.

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Snow Day Zone OUT

So I have have been a huge fan of the electronic scene coming out of the UK for a few years now. Their dub artists are insane! But I mostly enjoy the magically foggy & haunted dub anthems that come from England. These spooky tracks define what it is to be English. Introspectively sitting in a dark pub, drinking dark beer , waiting for the rain to stop. (Kinda like a Guy Ritchie movie)

Here is one of my favorite UK dub artist, Burial .

Try and name all of the samples used in this song. Its not too hard.

Archangel- Burial

Give new music a try!

Bonus Track: UK


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