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the results are in! 2009 junkies.

You’ve been waiting a week.  You haven’t slept.  You’ve constantly refreshed this blog, refusing to so much as vacate your bowels.  And now the moment is here.

But I’d suggest you finish reading the post before you poop.  2009 Junkies after the jumpie.  Haha.  So clever.

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Pogo Presents: Upular

this is a really sweet video mashup. clips from the oscar-nominated “Up” spliced to make a bouncing song

you’re loving it

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oscar fail.

Seriously, Academy?

I know 2009 was, by in large, a bad year for movies.  But if the (newly-extended) Oscar nominations are any indication, it might have been the worst year for movies.

My thoughts after the pmuj.  Which, I’m told, is “jump” backwards.  Or in Swedish.  Maybe both.  Click it or piss off.

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