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exploits and glitches

you might recall when i gave you the inside scoop on LA mc NoCanDo

here’s his first video from Jimmy the Lock, “exploits and glitches”

jimmy the lock in stores now wherever good music can be purchased or downloaded illegally


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I miss frisky Dingo, Archer on Fx just isn’t cutting it. I feel most people missed out on this amazing Adult Swim program and its a damn shame. The show is pure comedy.

Here is tribute video highlighting the classic moments of season one.

“Yes, riding dirty no doubt. With their bubba Kush.”
“What the hell damn guy!”
“London calling”


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Pogo Presents: Upular

this is a really sweet video mashup. clips from the oscar-nominated “Up” spliced to make a bouncing song

you’re loving it

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holy ungodly awful batman!

addison park
the “band” addison park, openening act for Mike Posner

[DISCLAIMER: friends of friends of friends may or may not be in the band. i’ve already twice without this knowledge given people my honest opinion about the group, so protected by the magical interweb i’m not going to sugarcoat it. i can see how some people may like this kind of music…i would judge these people obviously. i mean, i’m not going to lie i have some Daphne Loves Derby on the iPod, but i’m not going to book them to open up for Brother Ali]

that being italicized, it should also be noted that MJF contributor stuart bentley mcwhirter is a member of 2 (TWO) bands that are more listenable. the fresh boy all-stars and keeping tabs. and i’ve probably recorded better songs on the T-Pain iphone app that I don’t even remember than “Bay Area Blues”

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Earth Vs. Funk | Mad Decent

Earth Vs. Funk | Mad Decent.

This video, boosted from the good people at Mad Decent, is super weird and thereby I recommend watching it, to investigate the limits of your mental capacity.  We are all on drugs

lots of things in my head, more posts sometime when i’m not hungover and studying for a test.  academics

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the monthly movie plan.

Times are tough and the majority of theatrically-released films suck.  There, I just blew your mind.  Happy?

Okay, maybe I didn’t.  But to anyone out there who spent $15 to see Avatar, movies are “expensive!” (mom!)  Sometimes, when you’re a broke-ass college student who lives off a combination of student loans, scholarships and the profit margins of selling prescription drugs at twice their going rate to the emo skaters at the mall food court, you can’t afford to be wrong about a movie.  Case in point, Paul Blart surely set some family of four back a good $50 (when they could have seen ‘Observe and Report’ instead…Aziz Ansari wasn’t in Paul Blart!)

But to avoid such a setback in the 2010 calendar year, here’s Collin’s outlook for the next few months.  I’ll give you one movie to see for each month that I can pretty much guarantee will not be a waste of your money.  My track record is pretty clean.  Except all Dwayne Johnson flicks.

List/trailers after the jump.

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mad flow lazy super fun micwreck wednesday.

(These Miami/NY street signs are awesome.  Check them out!)

Well, I was thinking about posting something substantive.  But substantive requires effort.  I spent about seven hours total in class today.  I was up until 5am last night reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid (so sue me — those doodle notebooks could have come straight from my junior high backpack…in fact, I’m pretty sure the author stole my life and added imaginary siblings for his story.)  In other words, I’m not really feeling productive.

So that means it’s time for a mad flow lazy super fun micwreck Wednesday.  And you’re lucky.  I’m going to throw some entertaining video clips your way, related to that theme.  I spared you Gred Odenporn.  Seriously.  The Huffington Post does not lie.

Super fun micwreck videos after the jump!

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