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romancing Amanda Bynes

amanda bynes

i decided after re-listening to Kid Cudi’s “cudderisback freestyle” that i would further investigate this rumor that he was helping further along that he was dating Amanda Bynes. i found out that it all started when she TWEETED “with kid cudi :).” you all remember amanda bynes best as being the super annoying host of the Amanda Show on Nickelodeon and the gender-bending star of She’s the Man and maybe more recently Hairspray if you’re into self-punishing (in that case you probably saw Passion of the Christ too).

my guess is they got drunk and he smashed but they’re not dating. cudder!

Kamaal the Abstract (aka Q-Tip from ATCQ) – “Blue Girl”

this experimental record Q-Tip recorded almost 10 years ago was just finally released. it’s one of my favorite cd’s ever. i actually bought the demo on eBay when I first got into my Native Tongues phase

nosaj thing – “aquarium”

i myself have had a romantic encounter with this one as the soundtrack. probably best known as Scott Mescudi’s “Man on the Moon.” this started a little e-Beef between Mescudder and up-and-coming LA producer Nosaj (Jason backwards) but now it appears they’ll be working together in the future. exciting news since I think this kid has the gift on the board. he wrecks remixes and his instrumental debut Drift was one of the finest releases of last year

Scott Mescudi btw is KID CUDI’s legal name. Rappers’ real names are always humerous. Imagine how easily he could have been Kid Scudi.

ayomari – “body language”

this one is off ayomari’s upcoming project “The PB&J Solution” and i bet it combined with some cool water cologne and a swisher sweet would be all i would require to get to third base with amanda bynes


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Will.I.Am. – the donque song (ft. snoop-a-loop doggferdson) 

Ghostface – Tush (ft. Missy Elliott)

EU – doing da butt 

A Tribe Called Quest – da booty 

j dilla – b.b.e. (big booty express) 

phonte of little brother – YO ASS IS SO FAT 

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