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Hershel Walker’s MMA debut


YouTube – Raw Video: Herschel Walker Wins MMA Debut.

probably one of the greatest athletes ever. his exercise regiment is well documented. one meal a day and strictly bodyweight exercises (dips, pullups, pushups etc) and now at 47 fighting MMA

inspirational, unbelievable etc.

dude is a SPECIMEN


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the fitness situation

the situation

a lot of people ask me, Marc, what do you listen to in the gym to help you get so jacked and tan?? i like to bump 90s grunge, hip hop and especially love dj mixes of all these genres. these multipurpose dj mixes are usually released free online and they’re great to get drunk to or to work out/run to

here’s volume 3 of the Super 7 series. music speaks for itself. crank this on your treadmill and set the incline
Super 7 Volume 3

with everyone wanting to be their best for spring break/the new year, I’ve compiled more work out advice after the jump (i’ve always wanted to say and try that phrase)

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